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NEW LISKEARD, ONTARIO (January 20, 2012) – The Great Northern Family Health Team is a collaborative inter-disciplinary team of physicians and health care providers.  Our team is a component of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term’s care plan to build a health care system that delivers on three priorities:  keeping Ontario healthy, reducing waiting times and providing better access to care.

Our team is comprised of the following seven physicians:  Dr. Glenn Corneil, Dr. Jean Corbin, Dr. Colleen Davies, Dr. Donald Davies, Dr. Stacy Desilets, Dr. Pat Logan and Dr. Peter-John Pace.  Patients rostered to these physicians have access to chronic disease management and prevention programs offered by our Interdisciplinary Health Professionals (IHPs).  Rostered patients can expect improved access for for their ongoing primary care services.  Our IHP team includes Rhonda Ramsay, Nurse Practitioner; Renee Walton, Registered Nurse and Rollie Allaire, Social Worker.  We anticipate offering additional access to care through the expertise of a second Social Worker, Registered Dietitian, Chiropodist, Psychologist and Internist as we expand our services over the next year.

How do rostered clients access care?

To access the services of the Interdisciplinary Health Professionals, rostered clients will be referred to the appropriate Interdisciplinary Health Professional through their family physician or clients can call the Great Northern Family Health Team directly to make an appointment.   Please contact our Office Assistant, Diana Paquette, at (705) 647-6100 to make an appointment.

Where is the Great Northern Family Health Team situated?

The staff of the Great Northern Family Health Team are situated at 285 Whitewood Avenue, New Liskeard.  Drs. Corneil, Corbin and Logan are also situated at 285 Whitewood Avenue.  Drs.  Davies’ and Desilets are situated at Bridgetop Medical Clinic while Dr. Pace remains at Temiskaming Hospital.  We are excited about co-locating the staff of the Great Northern Family Health Team, Drs. Corneil, Corbin, Logan and Desilets and their staff  to the current site of the Timiskaming Health Unit at Temiskaming Hospital.  It is anticipated that the Team will co-locate within 6 months.  Having an efficient Family Health Team clinic environment to work out of will benefit our clients, providers and help us to recruit additional IHPs and physicians.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, you will need to contact your physician’s office to gain access to service or contact our Office Assistant, Diana Paquette, at (705) 647-6100.  Our team will work towards eliminating long waits for access to quality care, while working within their scope of practice. 

Rather than visit the Hospital Emergency Room, how can I access the Family Health Team staff to deal with my primary care needs?

Rostered clients are able to have their physician’s office arrange appointments with the Great Northern Family Health Team Interdisciplinary Health Professionals.  As an example, physicians who are experiencing heavy workloads can refer you to the Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse or Social Worker who will work within their scope of practice to provide you with quality care.  Rather than visit the Emergency Room for non-urgent primary care needs, rostered clients are encouraged to call their primary care physician or the Family Health Team directly at (705) 647-6100, to organize follow up with the interdisciplinary health professionals of the Great Northern Family Health Team.

Are you a rostered client who would like to have your blood pressure checked?

Visit us on Mondays or Thursdays from 11am until 1pm to have your blood pressure checked.  Rhonda Ramsay and Renee Walton will be available at this time, upstairs at 285 Whitewood Avenue starting January 30, 2012.  Should these times not be suitable for you to have your blood pressure checked, please call (705) 647-6100 to schedule an appointment.

How can I become a rostered client and gain access to services?

We will be welcoming two physicians to the Great Northern Family Health Team (GNFHT) within the next two years to fill 2 of our 4 physician vacancies with the GNFHT.  Once these physicians are established to practice, patients without a family physician will be able to become rostered to these physicians.  Once rostered, new patients will gain access to the chronic disease management and prevention programs offered by the team, as well as access to the IHPs for ongoing primary care services.   Our local ongoing physician recruitment efforts have been successful and we look forward to filling our 2 remaining physician vacancies with the GNFHT.  If you are without a family physician, you are encouraged to register with Healthcare Connect at  or by calling 1-866-330-6206 which will assist in establishing access to a family physician when available.




For further information, contact:

Shirley Watchorn, Executive Director

Great Northern Family Health Team

285 Whitewood Avenue, Box 1315

New Liskeard, Ontario  P0J 1P0

Tel:  (705) 647-6100, ext. 222